Kate Sabin
Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer

Special Medical Conditions

We all have our own particu
lar challenges with our health, of course, and in any general class the teacher is required to work sensitively with the special needs of each student as far as she or he is able. Sometimes, however, a medical condition will mean that attending general classes is simply not practical. In such cases, tailored one-on-one sessions can form the path from "No way can I do yoga!" to"Wait a minute - I'm doing yoga!"

I am qualified (as a personal trainer) to take referrals from doctors and other health professionals. If you suffer from any of the following conditions, you can still enjoy all the many benefits of yoga! Working one-on-one with you, we can move towards increased fitness, strength and flexibility. All my clients end up expanding their notion of what they think they are capable of - it's brilliant to see! What are you waiting for? ; )

Cadiovascular diseases

Metabolic diseases

Neurological diseases

Orthopaedic diseases and disabilities

Psychological and mental health disorders

Pulmonary diseases

Raised cholesterol and obesity

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