Private yoga lessons in your own home or at my studio in Chichester, West Sussex

Kate Sabin
Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer

Private Yoga Lessons

Yoga practice is an excellent way of balancing body, mind and spirit and promoting health and well-being.  The stresses of modern life can all too easily throw us off balance and compromise our health.  Through yoga we can rebalance and release energy blockages, encouraging healing and preventing illness or injury.

Yoga practices are powerful, inspiring and steeped in ancient wisdom.  They can be immensely therapeutic.  Ultimately they can help us to remember and experience our innate wisdom, peacefulness and joy.  

Although yoga can never be described as simply an exercise routine, it is now recognised within the fitness industry as a highly efficient way to strengthen and stretch the whole body.

Other known benefits of yoga include:

improving posture, flexibility and poise
developing core stability and toning every muscle in the body
enhancing awareness and understanding of the breath
strengthening the respiratory system
promoting reduction of body fat by raising metabolic rates
refining alignment and balance
calming the mind and sharpening the intellect
soothing the nervous system
aiding sleep
lowering stress
connecting you with your peaceful centre
boosting your natural self-esteem and reviving your joie de vivre!

design yoga programmes to suit your requirements, for example to address chronic back pain, for a general tone-up, for weight management, to build upper body strength, to correct a muscular imbalance, overcome a nervous disorder or simply learning how to relax.

I have worked with marathon runners, dancers, cyclists and horseriders. I never give the same lesson twice (which keeps us all on our toes!) and, while I will aim to deliver a total body workout/easeout every time, I also pay great attention to individuals' imbalances, and include appropriate practices to address these.
Many clients choose to practice with friends or family members. Sharing yoga practice can create a very special energy, it also means your costs are greatly reduced (my fees are simply divided between class members) and the great body of yogic wisdom gets spread even further. All good stuff!

rivate yoga lessons last around 1hr 15mins and are charged at £50 for lessons in my yoga studio in Kingsham Road, Chichester, West Sussex.  Alternatively, I can come to your home, though there would be a charge for this.

Please contact me to book your private yoga session.  

email:        call/text: 07790 042188

At the still point of the turning world...
there the dance is

T S Eliot