Yoga Classes in Chichester, West Sussex

Kate Sabin

Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer

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Yoga Classes

Classical Hatha Yoga classes are open to all and take place on...

Mondays at 6pm

Wednesdays at 10am and 6pm

Rooted in ancient tradition, these classes provide instruction and guidance in all aspects of Hatha Yoga practice and philosophy. Open to beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Mats and blankets are provided free of charge.
The classes take place in my garden studio at 68 Kingsham Road, Chichester, PO19 8AH.

My dedicated yoga studio provides the perfect environment for relaxing and taking time to explore the inner world and discover and celebrate your true nature. This in turn leads to deep peace and joy. These are your birth-rights.

All classes include a gentle warm-up followed by a balanced programme of postures and sequences. There is always breath awareness/expansion (pranayama), guided meditation and relaxation. I encourage you to work with awareness and sensitivity during my yoga classes, so you remain comfortable and injury-free while exploring your personal boundaries. I offer variations on all postures whenever the classical yoga practices are inappropriate (or impossible!), which means beginners can always be accommodated. I believe yoga can and should be accessible to all whatever your level of experience, health or fitness.

Classes cost £12. Up until October 14th 2019, you can book and pay online. After that I will be returning to handling payments myself again (the booking system has proven to be too expensive for this small business!). You'll still be able to book online, which has the advantage that you can see for yourself what availability there is in each class, but you will need to pay me directly within 24 hours ideally, by cash, cheque or bank transfer. More details to follow...

Once a booking has been made, if you need to make a change, you can re-schedule your lesson, providing you give at least a week's notice.

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Private Yoga Classes in the studio or at your home are also available.
Please email, call or text 07790042188 for more information.

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