About Kate Sabin, Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer, Chichester, West Sussex.


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October 2018

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 Kate Sabin
Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer

Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer


Thanks for visiting my website! Here is a little information about me...

I have been teaching yoga since 2002. I have taught literally hundreds of people now, including people with disabilities,
injuries and serious medical conditions; pregnant women; older people; teenagers and young children. I have learned to be adaptive! I continue to be amazed: whatever is going on for the individual, through yoga there is healing on all levels.

When I first started teaching, I was hiring halls for my public classes and visiting all my private clients in their own homes. This was great for a few years, but the idea of having my own dedicated space that would be warm, beautiful , inspiring and welcoming, kept presenting itself, until I simply had to do something about it!

So I built the studio at the bottom of my garden. I wanted it to be a place that would be restorative, would lift people's spirits and encourage them to 'go deeper.' I think it has been pretty successful in that!
Private Yoga Lessons in Chichester

Now I give several classes a week in the studio, and it has become a small yet significant feature of the local community.

I have two daughters, now 21 and 23 years old. The older one has caught the yoga bug and this year she qualified as a yoga teacher herself. She is just starting out with two weekly classes in London, where she is currently living. The younger one is studying Wildlife Conservation.

As well as yoga, I enjoy country walks with the dog, cycling, gardening, playing the piano, reading and writing poetry.

My qualifications include:

~ Unity Partner Yoga Teacher Training (midway through course!)
~ Future Fit Training GP and Exercise Referral Certificate
~ Oxford & Cambridge RSA Teaching Exercise & Fitness
~ Friends of Yoga (FRYOG) Diploma in Yoga Teaching
~ British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) Foundation Certificate in Yoga

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