Testimonials for Kate Sabin, Private Yoga Teacher and Personal Fitness Trainer, Chichester, West Sussex

Kate Sabin
Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer

"Kate's unique insights into both the spiritual and physiological components of yoga make her sessions fruitful for mind and body ... and very enjoyable indeed."
Kristin Susser, Production Editor

"Kate's yoga class is an oasis. I always leave relaxed and refreshed."
Tom Broughton, IT consultant

"Kate is a conscientious, perceptive and caring yoga teacher. She gives out enormous warmth and support. It is always a joy to experience a session with Kate."
Gerard Bur, Antique Furniture Restorer 

"The weekly class has helped me to maintain and improve my flexibility. I am determined to keep as flexible as I can as I want to be able to dress myself and wash myself for as long as possible.
It builds strength and stamina. I need to maintain my strength and stamina if I am to remain mobile.
It helps maintain balance. MS has affected my balance and the weekly yoga sessions have helped me to focus on my balance and work on it.
Yoga has offered me an opportunity to reflect on where I am as a person, to accept myself as I am now, to love myself as I am now and to be at peace within myself.
I have been challenged to extend my limits of what I think I can do.
I have valued the time within the group and the support I have received from Kate, Derek, Paula, Caroline and Sharon."
Richard Bowerman, ex Herdsman

"Thank you very much for the class last night.  My body and in particular my muscles felt so relaxed.  I don't remember how long ago it was when they were as good as that!  I slept better than I have in weeks too.
Many thanks and I look forward to next week..."
and several months later... "Thank you so much for your inspirational, calming and enjoyable yoga lessons.  It's through these that I have discovered and confirmed my direction and plans for the future...
You have a beautiful space and it really does have such a wonderful energy to practice in..."
Freya Symes, Legal Secretary

"I'm more flexible, with stronger core muscles, making me more comfortable in my body and lighter in the saddle. The breathwork has helped me be more centred, which is essential for good horsemanship. By developing my body awareness, I've become more in tune with the ongoing physical conversation that takes place between horse and rider.
"Yoga with Kate is also great fun - I would recommend it to anyone. ."
Karen Humphrey, Dressage Competition Rider and Horse Trainer

"Kate's approach to teaching yoga is incredibly calming. I love the way she personalises the classes to exactly what my wife and I need each week. The hour and a half with Kate have become a haven of calm from our hectic lives. Having Kate come to our home takes another pressure off us as well because getting to a class would be another stress we don't need!
At the end of every session I feel incredibly relaxed and calm. Booking a series of sessions with Kate is the best thing we've done."
Bradley Long, Internet Marketing Consultant

"Kate really inspired me to make a lifestyle change! She is very focused and from the outset, ensured the sessions were based around what I wanted to get out of my time with her. When I first started with Kate, I knew I wanted to raise my fitness level however with a busy lifetime schedule, wanted to work at a programme that would fit into my daily routine.
So often I have started exercise classes, joined the gym and then given up! Kate has managed to inspire me by her sound expertise and dedication coupled with her ability of understanding my specific needs from day one. Kate managed to identify specific areas of my body that required strengthening and was willing to try all sorts of exercises to enable me to choose the ones that felt right for me and that I enjoyed!
Karen Tasker, Accountant

"Thank you for helping us with our Acitivity Week... the pupils really enjoyed your sessions and in my assembly expressed how much they loved the Yoga Day!"
Mrs J Arrowsmith, Head Teacher

"I was very pleased with the yoga session. The children gained a feeling of calm. Many children who struggle to concentrate were able to sustain effort and concentration."
Nicholas Howes, Primary School Teacher

"Thank you for coming yesterday and carrying our training on body balance. It was great to do and so creative. So lovely to be able to do it through stories and I am sure that we will be able to create stories linked to our topics too. Its given us the confidence and licence to be creative in it."
Gemma Peck, Primary School Teacher

"A wonderful and practical resource."
Auriel Gray, School Counsellor

"This book has taught me so much about how we can help our children become ready for learning. The kids love their Yoga Moments and are becoming more self-aware the more they practice them. I would recommend it to anyone!
Rebecca Ford, parent and teacher

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